Steel & Power
Food & Beverage
Water Treatment
Oil & Gas Refineries
Oil & Gas Refineries
Oil & Gas Refineries
Oil & Gas Refineries
Oil & Gas Refineries
Oil & Gas Refineries
Oil & Gas Refineries

Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverages

Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverages

Wide range of Internally & Externally up to 600 Grit Mirror & Matt Finish equipments of foods , Pharma & Beverages industries are manufactured as per process requirement.

  1. Tanks & Vessels
    • Pressure Vessels
    • Non Pressure Vessels
    • Jacketed Vessels
    • Limpeted Vessels
    • Movable & Fixed
      • Volume varies from 50 Ltrs to 50 KL
  2. Shell & Tubes Type Heat Exchangers
    • With Bellows
    • Without Bellows
      • Volume varies from 1 Mē to 65 Mē
  3. Reactors & Agitated Vessels
    • With Limpet
    • Without Limpet
    • With Required Agitated Blades
      • Volume varies from 50 Ltrs to 5 KL
  4. Custom Built Fabrications
    • As per end users requirement
  5. Vessels with Various Surface Finish
    • 240 Grit Mirror Finish
    • 180 Grit Matt Finish
    • Sando Flexing
    • Halar Coating
    • Anti Static Halar Coating
    • External PU Coating
    • Sanitary Finish
    • Stainless Steel Shot Blasted
  6. Material Of Constructions
    • All Stainless Steel Series
      SS304, SS304L, SS304H, SS316, SS316L,
      SS316H, SS321, SS310, SS310S, SS317,
      Duplex & Super Duplex ...etc
    • Noble Metal Series
      COPPER, TANTALUM ... etc.

Ointment Mixing System also available Skid Mounted

Specially Designed Planetary Mixer Vacuum Type for interactive kneading, twisting and dispersing effects.

Our range of planetary mixers can be customized to meet the specific mixing and blending requirement of the customers.

Salient Features

  • High shearing force compared to conventional mixers
  • Simple Mechanism & Easy dismantling for cleaning
  • Maintenance Free AC Motor Drive
  • Scrapper blades ensure uniform mixing
  • Homogeneous mixture is achieved by Planetary motion of the beater of Impeller.
  • The Double wall construction ensures circulation of fluids for Heating & Cooling Application
  • The material of construction is optimized by selection of contact and non contact parts.
  • The skid is usually mounted on superior Castor Mechanism.